It Goes Both Ways

I completely agree, but this group is a bit limited. And rather sexist.

Anyone that sleeps with a married person is despicable. Man or woman.
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Ohhh get off your judgemental just issued a blanket condemnation without any idea what has led to this. Still, I suppose that you are such an angelic little dear that you can be judge, jury and executioner...

Clearly you're a cheater. The only people who defend it are.

See judgemental. You have absolutely no idea about me but you rush to condemn.

Hope you have a happy life in your perfection.

Everyone judges. They like to think they're different, but they're not. People vilify judgement to make them feel better about the bad mistakes they've made. "Yes, I've done horrible things, but I want to pretend it's okay so 'stop judging me!," Pathetic. I stand up against what's wrong and that's not gonna change. And it bothera you, so you tell yourself that I'M the bad guy, that I think I'm perfect. Anything to defer the eye of judgement away from you.

Lol - have a nice life dear......

Oh, I will, sugar. ;)

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I'm a firm believer in "every dog has their day". I much rather be cheated on, then the one doing the cheating.

Thank you! I could not agree more.

Why are people so much more outraged about the person who sleeps with a married person than the married person who sleeps around? I think they're both terrible, but one of them made a sacred vow to another person and betrayed that vow, that promise. I think THAT'S the person who's most despicable.

I completely agree with that as well. Both parties are fully accountable.

I found my ex having sex with other men when i back home early .i see by windrow I walk of go back to a friend never back home it's broke my heart now can't really trust anyone easy

I think people do it because it makes them feel like they won something.

I'm with you 100%, sister.

I don't understand your animosity for complete strangers. There are a million reasons people have sex outside their marriage. Until you've been in one you have nothing but vague ideas to hypothesize from. And, you also have this odd idea that sex is criminal when it is the most truly humanistic and wonderful gift we can share with one another.

Or, think of it this way... Which is worse. A couple 'cheating' by having sex or bomb makers who 'defend' some idea of freedom by making bombs that decapitate and maim children in the name of freedom?

First off, comparing infidelity and terrorists is so moronic that I won't even discuss it. Secondly, the idea that someone has to experience something firsthand to understand it is also moronic. That's the stupidity of not learning from history, right there. It's called common sense. And no, I won't bend my morals to suit the needs of weak-minded people. Nuff said.

I love reading the "I'm the other woman" groups. So hillarious. This one chick has a great husband, but now her lover has dumped her, and she's super upset, and the other chicks are trying to make her feel better. XD

Wow... That's pathetic. -smh-

There are groups here on EP where people pride in those experiences and enjoy sharing them to the delight of many and to my consternation, and yet they go about carrying the placard "Don't judge me" I judge no man, for God's word have already judged them, "Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge." Hebrews 13:4. So all I do is pity them.

I have my opinions on things, but I don't think I really tend to "judge" because I don't sit there and waste my time trying to think up how they should be punished. Though some wrongdoings surely leave me hoping there is a Hell.

Lol. You don't have to hope for a hell cos it is only sensible for one to exist.

Probably true.

But you are judging, and what's sadder is you have this belief that if people break the man-made sex rules they should be in pain for eternity. Ouch! If you are judged by your own standard and punished by your own standard I sincerely hope you never find yourself in an affair- you'd have been better off not being born. Odd God would create anyone knowing they would later spend an eternity in hell. Seems he would just not allow them to be born, but I guess hell is an amusement when you're that magnanimous.

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Verily, I do concur.

Agreed, those people something wrong with them, how it feels to do that ? really hurt

Yeah, I don't get why they do it. I mean, if you don't love someone anymore, try to fix it. If you can't fix it, just do them the honor and leave them. Don't be a ***** and cheat.

Yes, it does got both ways. My ex-wife slept around during our marriage and I only found out because one of her beau's showed up at our house to return a diamond pendant I had given my ex for her birthday. Saying it was not a good scene is a tad on the general side.

That really sucks. I'm sorry you had to through that. Anyone deserves better. =

Uh, maybe not. Maybe painof was a boring jerk or simply never met her needs.

And that would excuse it? My god, you're stupid...

what is wrong with you

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