Flirting With Smooth

I was newly arrived in SF and had only recently met my new roommate, Abby. She was a "new wave" enthusiast and introduced me to it on my first weekend in the city. I immediately took a liking to these clubs; a real variety of people, groups, cliques, music, etc.

Abby's "comfort" group was into avant-garde hair styles--pixies, extreme pixies, wedges, faux-hawks, side buzz's, flat-tops, mohawks, dreadlocks, dreadfalls, etc,etc.. in every color. Over the next few months, I tended to gravitate toward this group over any others. I'd always had an interest in the unusual styles but only participated in them a couple of times.

Among all these wild styles, there was a table of young ladies with the most unique style of any-- these girls were completely bald! I found this "style" strangely appealing. Abby noticed my interest . Abby knew these girls and offered to introduce me. I accepted and we went over. Since they were Abby's friends and I the stranger, I let them do all the talking. I felt very much out of place with my 18 inch dreadfalls and the girls jokingly pointed that out. Then one asked if I had ever had shorter hair. I told them about my buzz cuts in high school and college. Did I like them? I said that, in fact, I did. I just never really did anything about it. That brought a little smile to nearly everyone at the table. One of them then asked if I would like to talk to their stylist. That brought a chuckle from everybody! She was joking, right? All and all, it was a very nice first meeting. The first of many to come.

After work one afternoon, I went to the club before going home. It was kind of quiet, being a work day, but still there were a few of the "regulars" sitting around talking, BS-ing, etc. While nursing a vodka-collins, I looked around and spotted a couple of the "slick chicks" at their "usual" table. They saw me and motioned for me to join them.

Two of the girls were bald-by-choice (BBC) advocates- they vacillated between very short buzz's(no guard) and smooth. They extolled all of the virtues/advantages of their style choice, how heir boyfriends reacted, what it felt like before, during and after. They were "preaching to the choir" with me, though I did appreciate their openness and enthusiasm. It was becoming quite clear that they were recruiting a potential new convert. To be honest, I had considered having my dreadfalls buzzed off to a couple of inches. It had taken a couple of years to get them to this length and while I had grown to like the looks of them, it still took a lot of effort and time to keep them looking acceptable. But then there was the matter of work. A buzz cut might not be a prudent choice in a public business office. I would find this out later when I did, in fact, have the dreads buzzed off.

But it didn't happen all at once. I started with a nape buzz that was easily concealed under the rest of my hair. The buzz soon became a razor shave. The nape shave later extended up to the base of the crown-- it was essentially an upward pointing parabolic shaped wedge leaving the back of my head shaved bare. This I concealed in a couple of ways; the usual way was to pull my thick, curly hair from the top, and sides into a ponytail tied low at the back. I'm sure some people at the office suspected something but really weren't interested enough to ask. I kept it this way for over a year.

I would like to say that I finally tossed caution to the wind and joined the "smooth" side... but I didn't. I did get rid of the dreadfalls, in favor of a variety of short styles. But as I moved through the lower levels of the promotional ladder at work, I was subtly informed by my supervisor that if I expected to move into the management levels, I was going to have to adopt a more professional "look", hair-wise. It took a couple of low interview scores (and no offers) to bring that advise home.

Bottomline-- I buzzed my head to a uniform inch(my "last act of defiance"), bought an intermediate length wig in a "neutral" shade and set about my career building. It took over a year to grow my hair to a length I felt comfortable with at work. My interest in becoming "short" never really waned, an interest that didn't go unnoticed by my smooth friends. Over that "grow" year, they continued the temptations, their ultimate temptation being to invite Abby and I to one of their shaving sessions. I had seen one of my best friends, Kay, shaved smooth twice several years earlier. I remembered all of the process and how much she enjoyed it. And I especially remembered the arousing effect it had on those of us who watched her having it done. Was I going to pass on the girls' offer? I simply couldn't pass it up! Neither could Abby. I've gotta say, after all those years, it still had that same arousing effect!

As much as I wanted to get in that chair, I just couldn't put the job second. I would just have to live the experience(for now) vicariously through my friends.

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2 Responses Nov 8, 2012

Why not buy a good quality wig for the office and sport the bald look everywhere else? I can tell by your story the urge to shave your head is very strong, so go for it and enjoy. I'd love to be the one to buzz all of your hair off and shave you bald as a cue ball.

yes it sureeee does & good for you :)

...and now?