in some countries and societies it's still looked down upon. well duh. and i think it does reflect an imbalance in equal rights. or a reflection of our STILL stubborn stereotypical ideas about women. i shave my head not to be a rebel (ok only a little bit) but because it's a personal choice - it saves me a lot of time in the morning and it's fun. but the idea that it still ****** some backward people off makes it a good reason too. lol. i have had people (sorry but only men) tell me that it's unfeminine (i don't know if that's really a word) and wrong! but the last time i checked my vagina didn't disappear along with the hair. and what defines a woman shouldn't just be physical. i love guys who love girls who shave their heads *smile* or who just don't freak out either way.
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yeap, i think a girl with shave head is very sexy and beautiful. i wish to have a girlfriend like you. :)

You go girl. I agree with you. I would love to be able to shave my head again. i just don't want to have to put up with the nonsense that you described. But I do agree with you.

Folks can't handle some things. I think every woman in the world should have their head shaved. I shave my wifes head. she loves it so do I. But she insists that I sit and she shaves me and Ill never learn to be comfortable. Weird. Its good that its good for some women. It can also lead to some tremendous love making or be part of.

The most BEAUTIFUL women in the world as total bald black women. No matter their age they are all so striking and beautiful. When they enter a room they become the center piece of beauty!

You're charming.

@chipperchick - thanks for sharing that. it seems like no matter what we do with our OWN bodies, some people will always find a reason to ob<x>ject. i love difference. whether it's shaved or coloured, it's all great! keep it up!

Blackfemale,<br />
Hello, I'm chipperchick, and I think your hairstyle is great, especially when it makes you happy.<br />
My hair happens to be a dark-cherry brown-black, with purpele stripes, thruout., more so on my side tendrils. I agree, what's on the outside is purely physical, mine obviously dyed to the hilt..<br />
<br />
and I do it cause it's fun, and to make people look at me and laugh with or even at me, cause it makes me feel great . I like to defy those negfative ones, too.<br />
<br />