My Head Was Shaved

I really liked clean, all the cutest wigs, no bad hair days..... I really miss it..... why can't my family accept my individuality?  They would make *such* a fuss about it and be overly dramatic when they saw me that I just decided to grow it back, but I hate my hair....

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2 Responses Mar 10, 2010

Are you still out there? It's been over two years since your posting. Look at this site-- there are so few recent postings. Are there really so few of us out there?

oh i'm sorry u have this experience. i can relate to the extent that my mother has always been so fanatic about my hair, and in my culture (or race) hair is just another one of those things that define a lady. but she does tolerate my individuality and sees my need to be my own person. this is the contradiction that is family. they are able to say they hate something but still love u anyway...maybe ur family do accept ur individuality and you just feel guilty becoz they have told you they don't like it. i say go for it. because u are not hurting or harming is so fickle when you put it into a larger perspective. like what about this : this month in my country there is a cancer shave-a-thon to raise awareness and funds for cancer survivors (i know other countries do this too). one of the ways we show support is by shaving our heads. both men and women take part in this WITHOUT PREJUDICE. it's such a great spirited event that breaks stereotypes (like gender ones) in the name of a good cause, because at the end of the day, humanity matters more...that's the perspective......i hope my point makes sense...i am so passionate about this group and this issue because i think INDIVIDUALITY should be celebrated and beauty and femininity doesn't end with hair or skin or you darling. just be you!!! bf.