Last night he took me out to eat for dinner. He had me in a shirt that made me look huge it didn't even fit me. And my pants were kinda tight already. So we sat down and people stated I hadn't even started eating and they were already staring I loved all eyes on me so he went to go get my food it was a buffet. He brought 3 plates and I ate and ate and ate. This little girl came up and said your so fat! I just laughed and kept on eating away. As the night grew he brought more and more food. My belly was getting so full and my shirt was so tight it felt like it was going to burst! He didn't care he just said keep eating! People keys staring and whispering stuff like ugh she's so fat , look at her belly, he clothes don't even fit her, she's eating more this one lady was like ur such a pig and her husband got mad and went over there to us and said he was sorry for what she said and bought me dessert! He patte my belly and walked away! Ya I was surprised. That was really nice of him do I ate and ate until pop! My button on my pants popped off and my shirt ripped! My belly exploded outward it felt so good ppl starred and I loved it. We finally left and my bf was like wow u have become such a fatty and patted my belly. He wa so proud of how fat I've become and was really happy!(: when we got home he put me to sleep so it could all turn into soft fat!(:
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5 Responses May 19, 2012

Would that I could have seen this!

We should all leave the buffet ready to pop...and all the other people in there too! Just imagine how much fatter the USA would be if this happened all the time! Awesomeeee.....

What a dream! :)

yes, you're living my dream! i need someone to bring my food to me at a buffet since i really hate having to get up. helps if i get 2 plates at once but it's still a pain

You should never have to get up...I'd bring you plate after plate! :)

And you'd grow fat roll after fatroll!

you are living the fat girl's dream!