Addressing The Health Concerns

When a female gainer happily reported in after deliberately and proudly gaining 60 pounds in about a year, a commenter said, "I still don't get it! Why do you people eat yourselves to ill health and heart failure? Can there be anything good about that?"

This is indicative of a lot of comments active gainers receive, so I thought I'd repeat my response on this one's behalf as a Story.

A lot of the health risks associated with obesity are not actually caused by obesity itself, but rather the lifestyle that normally causes it: poor diet and lack of exercise. If people continue to exercise regularly and get their RDI of all essential vitamins and minerals AS WELL as consuming lots of excess calories, they can be fat and quite healthy too. They're also more likely to actually do this if being fat is a choice, instead of an unintended consequence.

I won't say it's possible to completely negate the health risks of being overweight, but some people simply decide to accept those risks in order to achieve the body they truly want. The risks are usually more long-term than the risks of other lifestyles, such as the risk of hernias and injuries for bodybuilders or the risk of infection and social stigma for tattooees, but there are parallels to be drawn.

As for exactly why some people want to be fat, a few of them might be able to offer an answer but there's really no accounting for taste. We can choose what we do but we can't choose what we want.
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"gainer"???? This is a disgusting group

I think that this is pretty accurate and sensible. You can get fatter. that part is easy. Doing sensible exercising at the same time is the best way to avoid the worst effects of overweight. In fact, I just recently read that lack of exercise is more dangerous than simple overweight, by a factor of about 4. So, if you're willing to accept the risks of WG, and there are some, proper exercise will make it far less dangerous.

finally some more real advice. I have been looking for healthy ways to do this but again everyone just says to eat non stop.

Its like exercising, if you want to get fit, there is no way to do but to watch what you eat and exercise accordingly.

There is no magic pill to this. If you want to gain, start eating.

If you want to gain and stay relatively healthy, its a bit harder but you have to eat alot more but incorporate a lot more vegetables and fruits into your diet.

Either way its more or less increase your daily intake till you begin to notice a difference.

thanks, it was really helpful =D

I love this message you put down here!

I also agree with the main thoughts. Some of us want to live life in bigger and fatter bodies and feel great about it. I still want to stay healthy and I am somewhat active.


Well then you can try going to the gym and strengthening your legs, chest and back. Squats, dead-lifts and such. Incorporate healthy meals like salads, fruits and good protein (fish, chicken).

It will slow the process down but you could still achieve a bigger lifestyle while eating healthy and working out. You just have to stay away from cardio and focus on weights and as I said last time increase your intake of food.