I Think Wood Paneling Is Soothing

I love wood paneling because it is an endless source of viewing pleasure, especially when the christmas lights in my room are shining on it just right...I can see angels, Dieties, even.
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I love all the swirls and images one can see in paneling, takes a little imigination, but the images are there. I love paneling also

Yes, real wood is best, to be sure...nothing beats it.

Oh I hate it when it is way over done or the cheap stuff. I think it is great in a homes library or some dens, but real wood and custom finish...

Yes, I am not in love with wood paneling I just think it gets a bum rap...it can't help what it is...thanks for your nice comments, AW.

oooh I agree in certain rooms and great lighting, the Christmas lights I bet are really nice. I really love white washed wood paneling with satin sheen... or even a color wash of another type and even the good old mahogany or walnut, it'a all about the room and lighting...

Thanks, mdm. I knew that because you are a good friend.<br />

BM, that's exactly why I commented.

that would have been a cool job, Max. I used to live in a place that had a cool little upper room that had real wood walls and ceiling; it was nice. Thanks for commenting :-)

wood paneling is awesome. the fake stuff used to have to be drawn on I imagine. Can you imagine having a job drawing wood grain? Nowadays I'm sure they just photograph it, throw it into a big printer and sell it.

Hey Thanks, MDM! The patterns really are kind of cool to escape into-if you look long enough you can see many different things. I wrote the story as a response to someone starting the "wood paneling is ugly" group because I thought it was kind of elitist-we all know us poor folks use the most wood paneling. Like, say, if I had invited this person to my house after they wrote this story, I would have felt really self conscious. <br />
Thanks for commenting :-)

I thought this story was pretty cool...

yes, it is definitely a comfort. Thanks for commenting, HINB.

Yes, I have seen textured paint, Split, but never faces in it...interesting-I'll have to take a closer look next time I am away from my wood paneling...thanks for stopping by :-)<br />
<br />

HA I do the same thing with textured paint... find all these faces and patterns in it.