To True.

I've been here for almost a yr, it'll be a yr in December, and what i have learned so far, is this: if you don't write some sorta of sexual, erotic, story on ep your **** goes unnoticed. I have writen over a 100 stories and many go unnotice, cause i refuse to give in to the male dogs with that lil pink thing hanging out, waiting for me to write something u can go jack off to. Why cause honestly i don't give a **** want u wanna read, hear, see or comment on, my stories are personal to me why? cause i've been through it and lived it. Well except for my jfk story, but its living proof that the world is a sex driven society, where men see women as sex toys, play things, one night stands, the girl next door in the bikini u can't wait to go see swimming in the pool. Well i'm not any of those things, sorry if i hurt ur feelings by not being what u want me to be on here. But remember I AM ME AND YOU DO NOT CONTROL ME!!!!
sammiesweetheart sammiesweetheart
18-21, F
Sep 11, 2012