Its Not Fair

For people who think that they are better than anyone to make fun of people i means dont these people have feelings! its unfair for people to treat each other this way! am really sick of people and sick of technology which is taking over the world!
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Yeah i know some people are different but these days am facing all the bad people .. all the people who dont have mercy for example i like a guy who doesn't even look at me , he knows that i love him but he never talked to me nor smiled he just looks at me from time to time .. and i want him to talk to me so bad :/ how can i get that to happen ? please can u help ? he is a good example of bad people who don't give others the opportunity to express themselves :/ Please comment back

e mail me,,,,,

Can u please right here i can't email u i'm having technical problems

would love to chatt with you and understand you listen to whats on your heart and mind,,i do care about you and your well being,,,

Thank u but can u please add me so we can talk on chat .. its better there please i really do need more help

i think you can add me,,not sure

No i cannot .. i've tried .. try to add me ! it may work


nope ,e mail or another chatt prgram is the only way

Mmm .. then here is my email
send me a message and tell me that its u to reply back my problem

here we are not allowed to write emails so understand what am about to say :
my email is : bubble y __ girl @ h o t m ail . com with no spaces :o


Hey haven't heard from u lately ? u were supposed to help me but u didn't email me

I tried your e mail did not work for me,,,try mine,

I sent a message to the email u gave me .. please check it :)

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Yeah ! exactly what i mean ! what a miserable world we're living in :(

some people are ok,,but alot of them only care about them selves,,,and what they can get from others,use people for thier own gain,and not care who they hurt,,,as long as they get theirs,,,not all people are that way,,,some are alright

i agree,,,,some people don't care if they hurt others,,,,it makes them feel superior and they suck,,