Get A Grip People

I love to read most people's stories. Many are quite interesting, but( and there is a big but)........................
I have a problem with some of them, I will list my issues below, so as to not confuse anyone, ( if you fit into one of these groups of people, this is not directed at you personally, but your inability to write or understand the meaning of a story.

1} A story does not consist of one or two sentences, unless under title like " I want you to write a ten word story", one must be able to distinguish a story from a comment, dream, confession, or a blog.
An Example of these are as follows:

a) I went to store today, saw this cute guy checking me out. I would love to f*** him.

This is two sentences
Okay this is not a story: it is a blog, which you can make private for your eyes only, or share with friends, or make public, where everyone can see it.

b) I went to the store today, saw this cute guy, checking me out. He was so hot. I ended up giving him a ******* in the back of the store.

This is three sentences.
Okay this is not a story: This is actually something you did: it is a confession, which everyone gets to read. So it's not like people wont be able to read it, if put in proper place.

c) You join a group, let's say, " I like women with big breasts" group and you put, Yes I do.

Okay this is not a story: it's a comment, comments go under a story someone wrote or under a picture, everyone will be able to read it also, if it is in its proper place.

d) if you do happen to manage to write a story, you do not have to post that same story twenty times, under different group headings, this is ridiculous. We can see the story already and we don't want to have to 1) either read it again, or 2) have to delete you for your marketing abilities, which are lacking.

So in short, if you story is less than say two paragraphs, reconsider posting it as a story. It will usually fit into one of the categories mentioned above. And if you chose not to, It shows how little you know, and just ****** me off!!
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Interesting......very interesting....LOL!