It Happened Again..random People Talking About My Backside

I was just minding my own beeswax, waiting for the elevator to stop so I could get on. When two people from my training class started talking to me. One girl and one guy. The girl randomly said" you know you got a big HORSE BOOTY! I wish I could get mine like that."
My jaw dropped and I just looked with my eyeballs bucked as the girl & guy giggled.
Im like oh no you dont want no butt like this...its too much trouble and I tried to laugh it off but deep down inside I was embarrassed. :(
I felt dirty too.
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Isn't that in style now? :) that would be my perference anyway. That girl was hating that is what that was. and CaramelLova dont let that bother you, your a beautiful woman, and I'm sure you a a great! personality to go with it. Really When it comes down to it, the shape or look of someone isn't what defines them, that usually comes from the average people anyway. please don't feel dirty because if anybody is dirty is those tacky people that commented.

is this Woman some sort of idiot? commenting on anyones appearance like that making them feel small inside is just rude and for her part small minded. least your a real Woman .bet i got more meat in my pants then she got on her *** terrible

How rude can people get? <br />
I cannot believe she said that.

Unfortunately some people do not have a filter on their speech.

I'm Sorry Your embarrassed, maybe next time tell him or her to get booty injections. No One should ever compare an animal to a human body part. She probably did or didn't know any better but that couldn't be taken as a compliment. Forget them.

I agree!

People have their opinions. Why would you be embarrassed? Teasing! Victim of teasing and envy.

See, that's not right, they shouldn't have said something like that... that's something to keep to oneself, I think... unless you're really close to that person... which, they weren't. Lesson learned, here, thank you for sharing your story. Don't worry about that... < hug >

Stupid people generally say stupid things. The only thing to be embarrassed about is their unbridled forwardness and total lack of manners.