Is Your Butt Heavy?

I worked in an office where no one had any shapely butts. One day my boss asked me 'if my butt was heavy?'. LOL I'm laughing now but at first I was like 'whaa?' I politely said no and asked her why would she think that. So with her hands she grabbed her butt and said I would think it would be heavy if my butt was sticking out this far (using her hands to demonstrate), I smiled and said oh okay..

I was a waitress and I had this one gentleman who would come in for coffee every day and I finally realized that he just came on my shift to look at my booty.

So later that week we had a meeting and they told all the waitresses to not tuck in their shirts because they do not want our customers to see our shapes. Everyone turned their heads and looked at me as if I am the bandit! I thought that was unfair, I can not cover my butt up. Its big and proud!

I had the occasional boss who accidentally "brushed" against my butt.

My older brother always slapped my booty and made jokes about my booty, singing songs related to my booty.

I can do down a list! Respect My Booty please!
iLightBeing iLightBeing
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2 Responses Sep 23, 2012

hilarious! Be proud girl!

Lukewarm, I don't mean any disrespect... but is your booty really like that? :) it would be flattering (for a couple days) for someone to take such notice to me. lol :)

I dont think so, I have seen many nice big butts in my time. Only a couple of times I said DAAAYYYUMMM her booty is big.

lol I guess I don't judge booty sizes... I just see the rest. lol :)