I Don't Go Looking, It Seems To Find Me!

Over 23 years ago I was at work in an upscale department store. Three guys from out of town came in to shop and were complaining about the clubs they had been to that week. I suggested a few places to go. One of the guys struck a chord with me. He had this great smile and laugh that was infectious. It didn't hurt that I thought he was cute so I agreed to meet up with them that evening. The rest of the week, I played tour guide for "this guy" and his buddies. When he left, we left as friends and continued on as friends until one day I woke up and realized that I had fallen in love with "this guy." I ended up moving across the country for "this guy". He then became my husband and then the father of my child. We have are now divorced.

A year ago, I found EP. IT has given me a chance to work through my dark times by allowing me to write my thoughts. I have met quite a lot of wonderful people along the way and feel as though I've made a few lifelong friends. I know some people are here in hopes to find love, an affair, a date, or whatever. That's fine, I just wasn't one of them. To be quite honest, I don't consider EP to be a smart place looking for love since most everyone here is trying to heal from something. But it happened. I read something that moved me. I posted a reply that started a conversation between the writer and me. A friendship started that blossomed into something else. I'm old and smart enough to know that it's not puppy love nor am I on the rebound. I'm still healing from my divorce and feel as though I'm not ready for all of this. But he's here now and I can't let him go. He makes me feel that amazing.

Love for me has always had an untraditional beginning. So watch out! You never know where it's going to find you.
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Aug 7, 2010