Checking The Phone

If your phone goes off incessantly then you're popular...

have you ever picked up the phone to see if the dial tone works? if you've gotten a text, had a missed call or voicemail and find that the dial tone works and you havent missed anything??  then you ARENT POPULAR  if you carry your phone with you 24/7 and it goes off every other day... then you ARENT POPULAR. if you have you notifications from facebook, twitter, myspace,, look at me dot com or whatever.. and you still have a silent phone.. then guess what YOU ARENT POPULAR!
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1 Response Nov 15, 2011

Honestly, hand on heart! my landline and mobile phone, i sometimes feel like unplugging the first and leaving my mobile in the house! I'm afraid to do both in case!,. Because honestly someone will be phoning, or texting either! all the time! Sometimes it can be annoying! <br />
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Great post, my darling and i thank you for sharing! :D :D <>

haha there are two days every month where my cell doesnt even get turned on. #1 the day i spend with my family and #2 the day i spend with my god-daughter. this is why men gave us voicemail txt and email. i will get back to you but sometimes are just me times.