My List...

1. You know more about cars than most men.

2. You were crushin on Portia before Ellen was, and pretty upset that she got her!

3. Remember Anne Heche from Another World...cuz you fantasized about her.

4. Begged your parents to attend an all girls highschool.

5. Ken was always Barbies hook.

6. Barsexuals annoy you.

7. Your guy friends point out a hot girl, only to hear, "youre late, saw her 10 mins ago."

8. Your lesbian roommates sit you down one day and say, "is your gaydar so bad you dont know you are?" (ok, thats just me I am sure!)

9. Got kicked out of GirlScouts for trying to kiss one of the other GirlScouts. 

10. Bought your dad a PlayBoy subscription so you could look at them. many more.....

Adding:  You own the L Word series...  and its almost worn out from watching the sex scenes.

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6 Responses Mar 15, 2010

Is the L word worth watching from season two on? b/c season one isn't available instantly on netflix...<br />
I am loath to begin any series skipping over the first season, but I've been holding out for so long, I'm getting antsy.

Thank you. That makes me feel special. lol

Hey!!! I must be a lesbian!!!

Savin: Ohh, good, nice to know I am not the only one whose gaydar is that bad, LOL

OMG L Word... what I would do with Shane... argh!!!!! I have series too...

My hubby knows better, and bought me PlayBoy channel, LMAO!