I Think You Must Be Depressed To Understand Depression - Really?

 I Think You Must Be Depressed To Understand Depression


 I don't really agree with this, it is like saying you must be an alcoholic to understand alcoholism, or a rapist to understand rape or a child molester to understand child molestation.  I think people can train to learn these things, to work with people that have this condition or even be related or close (family member, friend, etc.) to someone going through this difficult illness.

I think people deeply afflicted in a condition might not see clearly.  Maybe those that suffered from the affliction and totally cured themselves might have good insight - but like anything, I also believe that some people can go through something as difficult  as depression, get better and not really understand why.

I think someone that has training or experience in working with depressed people can understand the disease as well as someone that may be going through the disease.  Mental illness is always a difficult thing to go through, some things can be fixed (sometimes people overcome depression and never get depressed again) - while others, like those with very severe afflictions require medication for the rest of their lives.

So, I think this group name is misleading.

Anyway - for those of you going through depression, I wish you luck in your struggles and hopefully you can overcome what is happening to you and come out of it positively.


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I don't want to sound harsh, but from reading your post, I think you don't understand. For example, the fact that you compared us with alcoholics, rapists and child-molesters instead of people with other medical issues suggests you think we choose to be depressed or maybe its something we should be ashamed of.
Sure, I think non-depressed people can recognise the symptoms of depression and some can prescribe meds for it, but I don't think that amounts to understanding people with depression.

you don't always have to take medicine to overcome something. it's all in your will and courage to fight it yourself. it takes more energy and may be a harder road, but it's possible to do it without the assistance of medicine. i'm trying to make it through myself and don't want to take medicine or drugs from a doctor. i don't want to become dependent on those type things. many people can become hooked on something and see it as their only way out if it makes them feel good enough. i don't want that. i want to know that it's me allowing myself to feel good not the medicine.<br />
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also i think that someone under depression does need someone to understnd and someone to talk to that can support and listen to them when they need that shoulder. i have that same trouble. my mom went through the same the thing when she was around my age, but she is hard pressed on thinking we are in the exact same scenario even though we aren't. i can't get that through to her and i tire of arguing about it. it only makes me worse...<br />
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fortunately for myself i know what i need to do in order to be on the path to getting better. unfortunately i find it hard to do for me and my depression holding me back. i see the light, it's just seems out of my reach right now,

The problem is... that sometimes i don't want to be happy again. The "again" word doesn't fit. You right that i am looking for hope. I am trying to ask for help. I am truing to help myself, but the only reason is that i am not strong enough to put the end to all this.<br />
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You are so right it is not black and white! But unfortunatly, for me it is so easy to understand others, to understand why people don't understand :) and then I see myself staying alone with all these things no one can really understand even people I helped to struglle their own depression.<br />
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You know the funny thing is, that when I finaly told my story to couple of friends, they told me to ask them for help next time. You know what happened next time, don't you... Same with my family. I know that everytime I need to ask for help the only person to ask is me, because I am the only peron who understands.<br />
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I can tell you more. When i felt in danger, I went to a hospital it was late night, and even phsychaitrist that was there, he did not understand ... I came to save my self from doing what I wanted to... but he pushed me even more into it.

I understand that - I am not pushing drugs, I never took them when I was going through similar things as you, but I understand their value too. Well, I was forced to at start with them- then just stopped on my own as I felt like a zombie.<br />
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Suicide is more than a shout for help - I am talking about the act, not attempted suicide and even the attempt is scary enough as it may lead to the final act. So again, I reiterate that it is not only those that are depressed that can understand it - logic or none.<br />
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I agree logic doesn't always exist in depression - that is why it is good to have an outside eye that sees things logically when the person may not. It is all a matter of balance and finding what is right for you to beat the feeling. You do want to be happy again, right? Therefore you have to get better. I wish you the best in your struggles - <br />
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So anyway - this will be my last point - I was just trying to show another side to things as the answers are neither black nor white and usually reside in a grey area, different for each person.

Suicide - sometimes it is a helpless shout for help... see how it hurts... because you don't see it in other ways.<br />
It is just shows that others couldn't see or understand!<br />
Sometimes it is just to try to see that you still feel something besides your inside pain and emptiness which is so hard to point on. <br />
Don't look at it as real threat and don't look at us as depressed patients. Believe me, if you see me in a day light you will never belive that I did it so many times, and that when i am alone I want to stop this life so much! <br />
I am an ordinary person that feels pain.

thank you for your best wishes. But again i think you don't understand. It is not about the drugs ... It is a lot about being misunderstood. You see you are trying to think logycaly. But logyc doesn't realy works when it comes to depression.<br />
I know exactly in what world I am when I am depressed. I am for more then 6 years in this world. Unfortunatly I also expirienced a lot of its ugly sides. I know most people don't want to hurt me. But the minute they don't feel this they also don't have the paitience to be sensitive. To know that it exists, is not enough

"The pain and isolation of depression, a psychiatric illness, is difficult for many people to understand. Depression is a word that is used both for a sad, despairing mood and for a psychiatric disorder. "<br />
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health<br />
http://www.camh.net/About_Addiction_Mental_Health/Mental_Health_Information/Depressive_Illness/depressive_ill_understanding.html<br />
<br />
Just because something is labeled an illness doesn't mean that it necessarily has to be treated with medicine - but if your mood is extremely low, and you ignore this, ignore treatment and in some cases ignore the depths you have sunken to, depressive illness can lead to an awful side effect: suicide. Often drugs are not a cure - but a tool to level a patient's mood until the other forms of treatment can kick in.<br />
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Suicide is a word we don't like to talk about but a real threat in depressed patients. Often someone who is extremely depressed does not always recognize the dangers or implications of deep sadness. That is why in this case, you don't necessarily need someone that knows depression and has experienced depression to help you out - you really need someone that is acutely aware of this very real side effect of depression and hopefully can help the patient to dig their way out of the hopelessness and sadness and to bring back meaning to the person's life.<br />
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You can do this with treatment, discussion, medicine etc. and in some very severe cases shock therapy. (there are many other treatments as well). All I was trying to state was that you don't need to be depressed to know depression.<br />
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Remember, sometimes when you are depressed you are in a world that can cloud thoughts and change the way you see things. Maybe your parents are trying to look out for your best interests as best as they can - even if it may sound hurtful. Maybe you should talk to your mom about how her comments seem insensitive. Remember, most people do not understand depression and the symptoms of someone's depression can be very scary. <br />
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So hopefully you both can work through the small episodes so that you can focus on the bigger picture of getting well. Good luck.

Depression is an illness indirectley, it becomes physical when depression is not diagnosed in time, It can cause physical illness in many ways, from head aches to stomach disorders, lack of sleep, lacking the drive to do the things you used to wenjoy. Don't let anyone fool you in thining that its not. Depression takes on different types of physical issues. Specially when you think you are comming dopwn with somthing when in fact its related to depression.

Well I see you don't understand.... depression is not illness<br />
My family though thinks it is... I can tell you that not only that you must be depressed to understand a person going through it, but I know people who went through and it seems they forgot how it feels like.<br />
How can a person understand this huge emptiness that no one can explain this feeling of sadness out of nowhere this need in something you can't describe this hopeless feeling. You know that most of the people will look for reason. But there is not always an immediate reason. So do you understand. When i tell my mom that I am feeling upset she asks me if I had my medicin...

Support from a freind or family member is better than what medicine can do, the thing is, it doesn't reach soul like a another human being can do. Depression is very real and its somthing that needs to be taken on head on. Living in the past is another thing that holds you back from comming out of the depression. It takes alot of courage to do this and to remain calm at the same time. The emotional effects can last a long time, the physical effects could last a life time if not addressed in good time. I applaud those who have shown great strength in comming out of it or working your way out of the depression.

Wow - being able to work through a depression without medicine is very difficult. Not saying that everybody needs it - but like you said, you can be clouded as your mood is very low. There are many things in this world to be depressed about - so that is why I wouldn't disagree with you on that.<br />
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I think people don't like to talk about depression as it can take on a very dark side that most people are not ready to deal with let alone know the answers. I also think some people live in a bubble of denial about some of the things in this world - the saying "ignorance is bliss" makes sense if you are trying to look at the glass half full.<br />
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I wish I could see the world as it really is - but I think I might not like what I see. So instead I try to concentrate on me and try to be the best me I can be (even though I know I can do better than I am).<br />
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Hope you are able to dig yourself out of where you have been and get healthy.

I have been depressed. I am coming out of a depression. I have not been on medication. Couldn't afford it. It is a horrible state of being. Everything is clouded. You can't think. Many people need medication. Most people would be okay if they just had someone to vent to. Many depressed people feel very lonely because people don't understand and turn their backs. It's hard enough to deal with your own life much less take on anothers'. So they just look away. I took a Personality course in college where the professor said he thinks depressed people see the world as it really is. I think he is right.