To Belive In God

I have jumped around to different church for a long time. Their was some that were ok, but not for me. Ther was some that was way off in left feild. There that experience I have got to the point that you need a personal relatship with God. Talking to Him as your best friend. He will help you if you ask and belive. You can believe that your best frind will be there you can see him/her. I know it is hard to beleive he something you can"t not see. But you can see the love in others. So that is how I have faith in God. When someone shows love to you then you can pass it on by helping someone. Sometimes I go to chruch, but when I don't it does not mean that I stop beliveing and stop have a personal relatenship with Him. Do you stop having friendship the your best friend wgen you are not around them for a while.

That is why I think God is real in my life. He has done so much in my life.

motherhen1962 motherhen1962
46-50, F
Feb 15, 2009