Being An ******* Will Get You Places!!

i always just feel that, gone are the days when good old hard work, having a good knowledge of your job, and knowing how to do it properly got you a promotion, wage rise or a bonus, but i dont see it like that any more!! everywhere i look, i just see people stabbing each other in the back, and being complete ********, to get what they want, wether they know how to do the job or not, all they see is the big money, and will do anything to get their hands on it, even if it means stabbing people in the back!!! i watch people in my own work, that will suck up big time to my manager, so that they can get a better job, and they stab each other in the back in the process, its just sad!!!!
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oh i know lol, companies are even worse now!! its like a woman that used to work in the hotel where i work, and she was a manager (shift supervisor) and she was really good at her job, and when the assistant general manager's position became available, she done everything she could to suck up my general manager's a$$, and stabbed a few people in the back in the process, to try get this job, but in the end, she never got the job, the genaral manager ended up giving the job to his best friend, and she ended up quitting her job through stress and depression, knowing that she went about things all wrong, and she hurt quite a few people in the process, so in the end, she got nothing out of it, and this a$$hole of a guy (the general managers best friend) got the job instead, apparently cos he was a lot stricter on the staff than anyone else, not cos he could actually do the job!!!

I spent twenty year's in managment until I woke up one mroning and realized that I didnot want to do this anymore and quit. My butt was alway's in the crack with the higher up because I would not blindly do as told and was willing to back my employee when I felt they were correct. When I interviewed for my present job I was asked if I was interested in managment and I told them all I wanted to do was work and go home. Companie's are even worse now in this economy and expect you to kiss their rearend and feel beholding to them, Wrong Answer !!! My Best

oh i know *wiseowl* you just see all the bitching and backstabbing that goes on nowadays, just for a few extra bucks onto their pay packet at the end of the month, and you wonder if its really worth changing yourself as a person for!!

No wonder I'm poor......Climbing the ladder over everyone's back, wasn't my style.

i know!! it really is disappointing, but im with you, i would never change anything about myself to get anywhere in life!!

I know, it's very sad and disappointing but I will never be like that, it's just not who I am.