Say What?

I normally do not approach such subjects, each to their own! BUT.... I read all these woman that do not wish to be liked for their looks BUT their profile pictures show... boobs, butts, and half naked bodies.

So... if you want to be liked, loved for who you are.... and not just a toss in bed or tried of men drooling.... Cover yourself up alittle more.

Hey, I am an older woman and I know a few things about men.... if you want to have wild sex... down the clothes. If you want true love and respect... then don't go fishing for a mate in your panties! Then complain that is all they wanted was a booty call. You asked for got it.

Just saying... my opinion.
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As I remember, you put a picture out there standing alongside the road in a ditch with a jacket type garment that was too big for you and it made your shoulders look as if they were drooping. You had a picture of a barn that had not seen paint in well over 50 years. Another picture of a field with trees in the background. I found you irresistible then and still do: ))

garment too big? shoulders drooping...huh... I'm too sexy for my shirt! ;))

There was sooooo much more to you than what you were wearing. I have since confirmed that in so many ways, as you have proven time and time again.
If you were to be dressed fittingly you would have been in a beautiful gown with a diamond studded crown on your head.
Not prejudice just have taken the time to examine the evidence.

Dear Sir, Flattery will get you everywhere. *smile* Thank you Climber. (hug)

Thank You Cachinga.
I feel very lucky and very blessed.

Thank you for those words Cachinga, that was real kind of you. Thanks for the open support!! hug
Ditto, Climber *smile*

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