And I Have Left Brain Details For What The Hell Happened.

There's a lot to say here but the truth is that you've been programmed to think things like the television shows we watch or the clothing on our back or the music we listen to say things about us. The problem with this is that more expensive items say better things about us. This entire economy is structured in such a way to make you fall in love with those who consume the most and the most expensive items. Yep.


There's books you should read. The truth is the media you consume IS a part of you. Even for those who can tell fantasy apart from reality it leaves subtle imprints on us wether we care to admit it or not. It changes our sexual appetite. It changes all kinds of things  about us and over time Love becomes a COMMODITY.


This is one of those books. 

there is more: the range of debate on TV is controlled. You are not seeing the full thing. it appears all sides are represented on TV. They are not. The green party gets SOME coverage. Barely any. The RADICAL left? the TRULY radical left is ignored entirely. The left that doesn't trust the state any more than it does the corporations.

if we changed our media A DIFFERENT WORLD IS POSSIBLE. That's the problem! 

As Hayley williams of paramore says "WE WANT THE AIRWAVES BACK!"

ManifestoOfThePhoenix ManifestoOfThePhoenix
31-35, M
Sep 25, 2012