Well the day arrived at 15 1/2 he said Dad I can get my permit now! Panic, hyper-ventilation, cold sweats, shaking, quaking and none of that is what I had!  I am a shooter, I shoot at a private place belongs to a friend and it is surrounded by farm land. When we would go and shoot instead of walking to the targets I would let my boys drive the car as soon as the could reach the pedals and see over the steering wheel. They had the use of the garden tractor tying off their wagons to it  since they could reach the clutch, of course I would disable the mower deck! Ya know it looked like a train running around the yard at times the neighbor children would bring up their wagons and there would be 7 to 10 wagons on the back of that tractor. They have plenty of spacial relations training and great drive control. they have each been driving things since they were about 5 years old.  My oldest has had license since mid 2005, youngest became eligible middle of August! He drove home from the license bureau, on the way home he made one mistake misjudged the turn onto our street and tried to play combine and take out the corn field! I grabbed the wheel of course then pulled it into a hard left turn got a piece of the ditch and a bit of mud onto the muffler. No damage to the car or the corn! Today we finished his motorcycle endorsement! He finished 3 in a class of 12 and most of the class were Police officers taught by 4 other Police officers from Toledo. I know after my story about myself some would question my sanity? I may try that myself but he wanted it and he did take a certified state program and passed in good standing! He just left on my bike to ride to his mothers house to pick up school uniforms for tomorrow I sit here and know that he is a great kid and has a level head there will be no messing around I just pray that others will do the same! I know he is good and trustworthy I know that most of the drivers out there are the same but this is my baby although at 6'4" since he was almost 13 it is hard to believe! God, please watch out for him and all the new drivers.
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Questioning your sanity is definitely not an issue here. But acknowledging you bravery is definitely a big issue. So we'll yell it out loud. CONGRATULATIONS! You made it through alive.

He's probably better then the experienced drivers. At least he's trying to do a good job. I wonder about some of the stunts I see on the highway everyday. There's crazy traffic here. We have a huge motor cycle run every two should check it out next Spring. Good thing for a Dad & his child. to do as a team. Yep,girls included..