Its An Honour To Be There For Someone.

I was depressed, i don't know when it started, and i really hate that i don't. Depression isn't something that you every really notice coming, but im talking years, i don't know if it started when i was 19 or even as far back 13. I just know that i was miserable for a long time, and thoughts of suicide kept popping up, like taunts "go on, grow some balls and do it", but by my second year of university, it got unbearable, i KNOW i was depressed in my second year, but i didnt at the time, i held my ground against it. I kept studying, went to pubs with friends whether i liked it or not, forced smiles and laughs, went through the motions, refusing to admit i was in trouble. By my third year, there wasn't really much left of me, all that was really left was the depression, and my complete refusal to let it win. I eventually went to a counsellor, and was diagnosed with depression, put on max dose pretty quickly, i even got to redo my last year, and over time i got better until now, i don't need the anti depressants any more, i don't need counsellors, i don't need help. I can still feel it sometimes, but its so weak its easy to squash with a good film. I have beaten it, but i cant claim all the credit.

There are some people i could not have managed to make it through without, the counsellor, Joanna (if you read my other stories you will know of her), even my dad on occasion. He is so closed off, such a stereotypical man, never talks about feelings or acknowledged them. But he could see when i was in trouble, and he helped, i would have failed my second year if not for one thing he said to me, i was at the end of my rope, i couldn't handle the stress on top of how miserable i was, and my dad, the one i always worked harder for, because he doesn't accept failure, no excuses ever, but he said to me it was ok, if i failed my degree, if all went bad, it would make no difference, and he meant it, he wasn't angry, or condescending  or patronising, or disappointed, he gave me that support, so unexpected, right when i needed it. Joanna was always there for me, someone i could rely on, a cheerful and beautiful rock when all was grey and ugly and dark. And the counsellor, someone to talk to when i couldn't talk to anyone else.

These people are a blessing, no less than a gift from God, worthy as anything to be called a miracle. Those people who, when you are down, at your lowest point, hold you up. There is no greater thing i can say about a person than that, to be that ray of light in someone's darkest hour. Anyone who has had that gift, that ray of light, you know what i mean, and when you see someone else in need of a hand, drowning and looking for something to hold on to, it is your duty, your honour and your privilege to be that miracle for someone else.

If you help someone in real need, it doesn't matter what else you do in your life, you can be proud that you helped them, and you wont be forgotten.
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I have been offered an opportunity to travel to China to enhance the life of children through education, and the English language. Due to financial hardship I need some assistance to be able to fulfill this mission. I believe my purpose on earth is to help and encourage the lives of others through giving more of myself, but learning at the same time. I want to put the idea of a better life in the minds of others without changing their culture or history. I also want to encourage improvements without sacrificing their way of life. The thought of traveling to another country to live and embark on a new way of life is more than exciting; it would mean everything to me. My passion is to help others especially children, and every little contribution makes me one step closer to achieving this goal. I believe that my generation can help change the world; I also believe that this change starts with me.

Please help me help the children of China.

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Thank You!!

Im sorry, i would like to help, but im unemployed and can barely afford accommodation and bills, i know this sounds like someone just trying to wriggle out of doing their bit, but if you check my activity you will probably find the several answers and comments and stuff complaining how i have no job or money :P

Good luck though, i hope it goes well.

No worries, I know how that is, but with God all things are possible. Thank you for even taking the time to respond to my comment. If you would help me spread the word about my campaign I would appreciate the help. Thank you and don't worry about your situations, blessings are coming your way ;-)