We Don"t Wanna See Your Underwear!!!

So glad to have found this group! I am so sick of seeing guys running around showing there underwear! COME ON, PULL 'EM UP! And while you're at it, turn down the damn radio, I don't wanna hear your music, either.
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8 Responses Jul 27, 2010

Me tooo! haha :)

It is rather humorous to watch them do anything faster than a walk with there pants around there ankles oops . Who ever started this trend has got to be a little nuts.

So true!

YES Absolutely

I agree.Its a turn off when I see another guys underwear and when I can hear his music I just want to hurt him for it

Sally go to whale-tail.com you will no longer be baffled!

S54: Thongs yes, but not in conjunction with low-rise jeans, unfortunately!<br />
<br />
FR: <i>whale tail?</i> ...what on earth..?!!!

EnglishMuffin, I thing that's where the urban term 'whale tail' comes from, actually.

I've yet to see a girl partaking in this fashion statement.<br />
<br />

most unfortunately I have and it was even less attractive on a women