Can't Stand It!!!

I can't stand seeing guys sagging. Its so unattracting and tacky. Guys say its a fashion butt its pretty stupid. I see guys all the time holding the crotch of there pants walking looking like penguins. Some wear belts and they still sag. It kills the whole purpose of THE BELT. Nobody wants to see the crack of your !@#$$%&**
CookiezRrad CookiezRrad 18-21, M 3 Responses Aug 23, 2010

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I agree , pull em up I don't really care to see that brown streak down the crack of your underwear. It is so disgusting.

skidmarks ? you saw those ?

I agree. A little crack at the top wasn't so bad, but it just keeps getting lower and lower, and most of the butts aren't even attractive. So you got pimple butt, good for you, now pull up your pants and get some cream or lotion for that...