How Did Pant Sagging Start? A Tale From A Former Correctional Employee

Pant sagging started in male correctional facilities many years ago, no one knows exactly when. It was a sign that one Inmate was the 'girl friend' of another and that they were willing to have rear end sex with them whenever it was wanted by the other half of the couple. Over time it became a gang signal, and the color of the boxers that were showing indicated which gang the guy belonged to. So few young people know this, but I have a feeling if they did, they would hike them up real quick!
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Because there gay and want to take it up there ***. All monkeys go to prison and the gay comes out of them

your a ****** idiot... yes it started in prison but it was because in prison, prisoners weren't allowed belts so they had loose clothin which they had really no choice but to wear them baggy and they started wearing outside of prisons and rappers would where them on stage and later became a new also symbolizes freedom and that your not apart of this mainstream society... where everyone is a sheep

does anyone remember the group Kris Kros....they were best known for their backward style of dressing....pants and tops were all on backwards...and their pants were always extremely baggy and over sized which gave the impression, if they actually weren't, that they were sagging. In any case, this optic of dress style had to play an additional role in how the rap industry preferred to present themselves and where it has least that's how I see it....factor in the unfortunate reality that AA's make up a disproportionate number of the incarcerated, it's no wonder that the style has woven it's way into the fabric of urban dress.....enuf already.

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It's true sagging started in jail but not for the reason you stated it started because you were not allowed belts in jail it started in Rikers Island in newyork

My ex had a neighbor who did time, and when he came home was *APPALLED* to see young men sporting saggy britches. He took to calling young wannabe thugs up to his porch and explaining it to them... and saw a dramatic drop in saggy pants in the neighborhood!!

I dont think the boys these days know that that is where it came from . but i dont think i should tell them

If u gonna put a an statement let it be true. Pants sagging did start in jail but it started with most inmates because in jail ur not allowed a belt. So when u were in handcuffs there was no way to pull ur pants up. Hence sagging pants. PLEASE GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!

I work in an all male correctional facility, a medium max. We do issue out offenders 3 pairs or trousers, 3 facility issued shirts, 3 white t-shirts and one belt with 1 pair of black or brown boots. We do have a lot of offenders who sag their pants in the yard, to and from chow & programs. Mind you none of them are handcuffed.

How long have you been in corrections because in the 70s in newyork you got no belt.

Let 'em use shoe laces, or a prison issue tie, to keep their trousers up, no? Or simply issue them with a one size fits all elasticated trousers - in beige!

I believe that this trend originated during slavery; when the slave (and family, when permitted) would drive their master to church. After service, the slave would display complete surrender to his master. He would lower his pants (often no underwear), bind over with an index finger raised and parade before other congregants. This gesture swelled the master’s chest.

After the correctional facilities caught on to what the sagging meant, they added a new rule forbidding it, that is when the bandannas came back into play, so those got banned as well.

I dunno, if they knew it was a gang thing, some might actually think it makes them badass. Like the bandana craze that was going around.

I heard it either started because the prison officers didn't allow them belts, or because it was originally a "sex code." Either way, it's alarming how this worked its way into the general population.