Sire Your Trousers Are Descending

I'm sick of walking around school, or frekkn Walmart and seeing dudes with their undies hangin' out all over the place. Seriously, man. If I wanted to see boxers that badly, I'd get a lawn chair and sit in the underwear aisle. I dunno what makes people think that comes off as sexy. What about the incapability to dress yourself would make a woman want you? A question unanswered, my friends.
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Maybe they can't afford to buy the correct size and the dollar store only had waist sizes 10 inches to large, we all know that isn't true, and the look is retarded. It is quite funny to watch the "droopy drawer brigade" run away from the cops and the pants they are barely holding up, fall off or they have to run with one hand holding up their pants, it just makes me laugh so hard I fall off my chair.

I LOVE THIS STORY. haha *rates up*<br />
The "low pants to show undies" originated in jail so the gay men could spot each other. It's a sign that you're open to gay sex and are gay.

whats wrong with it? a lil bit of sagin is alright i sag mine a lil but not much but its the ones with their pants on their hips and they can't walk so they waddle thats pretty funny. but sagin pants is not a bad thing

haha i totally agree!

I loved the title.

I agree with you all the way. Since when it cool or even in good taste to go around with your pants falling down? Believe me you've seen one arse you've seen them all, and just who are they trying to impress?! What is the statement here? "I'm a slob and I want people to know it". What the Heck, next time I go out I just won't wear pants, they get in the way anyway and I want to make a statement too!

Thank god where I live they actualy passed a law to fine anyone in public like that. Witch of course didnt stop it, deffenatly made a difference.

I hate it when they have another pair of shorts on, or even have their boxers, and yet you can practically see their butt cheeks...sometimes like they gots a wedgie... BLEH!! >:{

when bad gets worse, ammirieet?

haha..*sing songy voice* Getting to know you! la la di

hahahahahahahahahahha<br />
<br />
That's all.<br />
<br />
Love it!!!<br />
I was hoping that fashion would leave us, but not yet... noooot yeeeeet. ugh.

i know! oi!

I never understood either...they are barely holding their pants up with a belt.

the belt is for show. like their butts can't help it.

Benny... I worry about why you're so proud to find that :o

*tilts head and nods in agreement*

I have a solution - zip tie their pants up, like they did in The Cosby Show.


*wonders just how low tulick pants are to be so offended*<br />
*lends her suspenders*


hehe me too.

I always laugh when I think of how this trend started xD

crappy paretinng no that isn't crappy pareting is kids who are forced to steal for their parents forced to lie for them neglected beaten sexually abused <br />
<br />
honnesty you need a new definition of good and bad parenting<br />
<br />
GOOD parents pick their battles <br />
<br />
GOOD parents know when to let things go <br />
<br />
too bad you don't your kids will have lots more problems than their style of clothes

I loved this post! What you've said here is so true, and the way in which you've worded it had me laughing my *** off! With my pants still intact in their proper place, of course. Lol.

and i think people who have time to worry about pants (especially the state and syle of other people's) are having a very good cooshy life and should enjoy iy by getting a hobby a life a something and NOT worrying about pants

Very true, sir! Although im sure you know that this pants epidemic is everywhere and i am in no way think about pants VOLUNTARILY! C 'MON.

epidemic + pandemic Indeed....just ew-y-ness~ ....I feel sorry for people that work for walmart and hope they move onto better jobs and many rude (either directly or in-directly rude) customers there =