Just Nasty And Ignorant

Pants hanging off your butt is disgusting. It looks like you are trying to either get a head start to the bathroom or that you already used the toilet in your pants. Nasty.
It looks ridiculous on any age of boy or man (or, dare I say, any girl/woman who may do it). It is impossibly an immature look. A person should want to be taken seriously and how do you do that w/ your boxers showing and the crotch down to your friggin knees???? And what sense does it make to keep trying to hoist them up all day?? Dummy, that means you are uncomfortable, so just PULL them UP! And wear a dang belt!
Besides, this trend began in prison so the homosexuals could tell which inmates were gay, too... So now you must be telling everyone that you are a gay individual with a prison mentality whom just pottied in their pants showing the world their SpongeBob boxers. Idiot. Ignorance is a disease of the mind.
Cynic4Life Cynic4Life
31-35, F
2 Responses Mar 7, 2012

a silly fashion created to make sanctity and chastity to look as old fashion! Starting to find it easier for damn nudity to catch on inch by inch!

Can you see them going for an interview like that? Jobs are scare so why would you want to lessen your chances by dressing as such?

Jobs why do they needs those??