I keep reading here that the story behind showing your boxers in prison was to advertise that you were up for a bit of gay sex. I've never been anywhere near a prison - but surely you wouldn't need or want to do that??? I can't imagine that being ***-raped in prison is an altogether pleasant experience. I also heard someone say " Oh yeah it's to show that you don't have a gun". Again, why would you want to do that if you're a budding gangsta??? Isn't it far more likely to be the case that the prison uniforms just don't fit that well and that supplying belts wouldn't be a good idea in a prison???? That is why the pants hang low and bizarrely this is the look that has inspired young gangsta wanabee guys for over 20 years now.... and this is way beyond lame....
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Especially when their carrying a six pack in one hand, yet another welfare baby in the other, and walking funny to keep the pants somewhat up. VERY unattractive.