At school guys aren't allowed to sag but they do it anyways and don't get in trouble for it. Meanwhile girls wear skirts or a dress "it's to short you need to change." I hate it when guys sag. Might as well not wear pants. In the hallway at school I always yell "Pull up your damn pants!" It's so stupid! Do they think it cute or what? Nobody wants to see your drawers!
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Actually when I was younger ( high school) I had a pair if jeans that had the back pockets on the backs of the legs rather than the seat. If I kept my Tshirt untucked it covered the waist and it looked like I was sagging.

It was always fun when a teacher or someone told me to pull my pants up.

Then I pulled my shirt tail up and showed that they were already pulled up.

Take a mini squirt gun you could fit in you pocket or purse, when your walking behind them give em an icy splash in the crack!