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It is directed particularly to someone who thinks they are the best but nothing other than the worst narccisst holes I have ever seen. Someone who said it was good miki left with her coffee mug.


In the first place she wont get kicked you fucknut. She left on her own terms and after a lot of though just so that ******* like you wont bother her. Do you know EP mailed her to get back on and she is back, if you leave, ep wont give a ****. Take a hike. You are nothing but another bloke on the block. Keep to yourself, just because she was prolific does not mean she whined, but you are whining on how even after her leaving her friends cared enough for her, and maybe yours wont, or probably you wont have nay with that sucking attitude of yours. No hit out to your friends, just you.


If you hated her, why not block her? And she has left now you feel free to make a comment about her, just so that you dont get hit? But here you are. What it was childish to protect a friend huh? I had kep quite over that incidence too but not because it was childish, just because it could have been sorted out in a better way, but according to you, well whatever I dont actually care about your messed up opinions. Maybe you should see a doctor to get your brain checked or just go join a psycho gang so that the cops themselves put you to your place which to me seems a mental asylum, yeah you heard me, mental asylum.


Just when we could have stopped, you want to go through the rubble again eh? But know that this **** is going to cause you more trouble than ever, gang up, post about me, say things, I wont care what you do, but just see keep to yourself you insane *******. And if you cant play nice the expect the same. Bloody acting all matured, see yourself what you actually are. A psycotic insane nutter.


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Thanks wyn :)<br />
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no ann :)

.. :(

Thank you liz! :-)

Yeah yeah more noise!!!!

Thank you mizz, this person called that very feeling sick you know!

El - great writing. When Moo left - I think we all felt a horrible sadness. She connected SO many of us in so many ways. <br />
Thanks for the post. ..