Just Stop

You keep on talking, oblivious to the look on my face that is telling to just shut up. Your eyes light up like Christmas lights hanging on a house while you talk about who knows what. I'm not even listening, just looking at your lips while you go on and on. You notice that I'm not paying attention and call me out on it. I laugh. You always know when I zone out; just never the reason why...which is always you. Then she walks up to us. You stop your one-sided conversation entirely and gaze at her. Like always. You kiss her and tell me that you will catch me later. Doubt it. What happened to the times when it was just you and me? Simple as that. No complications. Then she waltzed in and bam! There goes the easy going system we once had set up. Worst part? I can't even hate her for it. She is just too nice and too good of a friend. I see you later that day. All you are talking about is her. I listen this time because I want to know what she has that I don't. And I figure it out. It's you. I tune back into your conversation only to find out that we are still talking about her. And all I want you to do is shut up and kiss me.
AdoreYou AdoreYou
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 8, 2011

Wow Kiran.. even i didnt know you used to feel this strongly for him

confession: still do...Alex hasn't helped much :(