I Wholeheartedly Believe This

  you should always be yourself ...  dont follow anyone or let any one tell you how to feel ... My father is off the wall telling me how i should feel .  Ive always been my own person .. ive never really followed the crowd . Except maybe in clothes , but it wasnt because it was " cool" its because i  liked it . Every one should be true to their selves .  This is a growing problem in high schools and i dont think it will ever change ..
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1 Response Aug 3, 2007

I agree with you and it seems like these days our kids have so much on their plates. The standards are so much higher now than when i was in school. I can barely understand the homework assignments let alone the trends . I pray all the time for our children to be ther own persons, for them to be leaders not followers and to trust in the Lord. I guess after awhile you let go and hope you did a good job. <br />
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I always tell my kids to do dirt on there own because if someone else in involved they will surely get in trouble, but I would prefer they not get in any trouble...lol I guess that is every parents dream for there kid..