Ok Ok I Will Start!

Sometimes I had computer issues and other times I get all caught up in things and am on to on EP and my fur and furless friends wonder where I am at?

So I started this group so maybe if you go AWAL I can post your pic on the milk carton and we can go find you or maybe you can even let us know you are gonna be gone for a bit!  hehehehe so here is me to start sorry if I made any of my fur or furless friends worry! will be sharing treats later though! hehehehe

Smugit Smugit
5 Responses Jul 30, 2010

roooooooooooooo? rolls out the extreme treats for that one

So thoughtful .....S here have some biscuits

me too missed being around so did I miss much was everyone happy while I was away? were there any group hugs I missed?


just member if you go AWAL I am posting a pic of you on this milk carton next even if I loves you! hehehehehehe