One Or the Other

I am an acquired taste more than likely.

I only do get on with people that value honesty, openness and are not easily offended. 

I have a very open and direct sense of humour, I am passionate and fight for what I believe in.  I am a ***** when it comes to defending others, but when it comes to defending myself, i tend to let it stew in the background.

People either like or hate me, most women the latter, for some unknown reason, i do not think it has anything to do with jealousy, just that compared to them, i live an unconventional life, a life that did not revolve around going on the pull, talking non-stop about the one guy and refusing to live and die in the one town. 

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11 Responses Mar 2, 2009

LMAO you guys. No one can stare but flutter. <br />
<br />
You crack me up mewold. Even if I did have hands... I'm not sure I could beat you

You know the one I would pick :-)

flutter, you and I both know that everyone just loves you to death. If I was 114 years younger, I would compete with that one-legged lamp for you. Are you sure he's a guy? There is nothing hanging below his shade and the shade is not all that long. And that is definately NOT a man's shoe. And you always have to unscrew his bulb for him and then screw it back in when he is done doing whaterer it is that he does. If you are wondering why I am picking on him, its just for the fun of it. Besides, he has no hands. How is he going to beat me up?


Yes .......... Strong yet mellow...... full boded surf-use of pure clear water...... fine herbs heather and honey....<br />
<br />
locked up in a dark place for years..... and enjoyed with company .... sometimes nippy sharp on the palate but always a warm after glow ....once tasted never forgotten ..... outer packaging can be quirky yet pleasant on the eye.... :O)

I'm not sure how anyone could not like you....

Like a rare Malt Whisky ...........

What do you mean? I like you more when you trip me? Ha!

Well I HATE to admit this... but I'm rather fond of ya myself! :D

Go ahead and take a guess....

I pick one and not the other as well... :)