Teen Love?

Lol it's so funny because alot of my friends are like..serial daters but it annoys the hell out of me coz like..

For one they go out with this guy and straight away, that very day all over MSN and myspace is "i luv nick 4 lyk evaaaar"

and all this crap. And then they break up two days later, and start going out with this other guy and goes "i luv josh 4 lyk evaaaar" and its like wtf?

and then they write "i heart *name*" on their hands..

See it's ok if they were actually IN love and going out for a while but two hours? is just pathetic.

It's just really stupid how people say they "love someone" of a few days, or even a few minutes.

But i dont think "young love" in general is ridiculous.. I mean whether it was lust or love I dated this guy for over 6 months and felt as if i was in love.

Even though most older people are all "6 months? me and my partner have been together for years" yeah i dont care, im younger and 6 months was enough for me.




waytoogenerous waytoogenerous
18-21, F
Nov 18, 2006