My First Real Love

Love is such a silly thing. It can hurt so much, but feel so lovely. I was online when a random person IMed me. Their blue squiggly font had me head over heals immediately. When they asked who the hell I was and why I was on their buddy list, I wanted them. I wasn't sure why I was on their buddy l had never talked to them before, but the font, and their inability to spell drove me crazy. It was so hot the way they substituted the word "you" with an actual "U". I asked them who they were in reponse and you would fall for them too if you knew how they replied. "i askd U furst". Love. True love. There it was, spelled out on my computer screen. I informed them that I was well aware if this fact, and asked if they would marry me. Sadly, they said "no". They then told me that they were just IMing me because I had IMed their girlfriend the day before, and caused her to cry. The love of my life was cheating on me-with his girlfriend. I quickly turned off the computer and cried myself to sleep. When I woke up the next morning, I had grown stronger. I knew that BiGboi8765 would never be mine, but there would be other random people to IM me in the future because I was stalking their girlfriends, and I would be ready to call them my own.

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7 Responses Apr 3, 2006

this story was ironic no? i found it amusing anyway.... kudos ;)

haha. Pretty funny.

oh god.. that made me laugh so hard... ;DD<br />
<br />
and this literally killed me : ''The love of my life was cheating on me-with his girlfriend'' ;DDDDDDDd

I hope this was a joke... Love with words on msn, well that kinda sound creepy

Clearly this story is a ****-take exemplifying how pathetic young love is, right? I believe my 14 year old sister 'fell in love' with someone in much the same way, lol :)

What the hell..<br />
falling in love over a crappy 2 minute conversation over msn?<br />
and he "cheated on you" with his own girlfriend..someone you wernt even committed to?<br />
<br />
you sorta dont even know what love is sorry to say..<br />
that story be honest..pathetic.

What exactly does that have to do with young love being ridiculous may I ask?