It Begins With Parenting

I do think young people should learn some manners. We all know where it starts, though. It starts at home with parenting. So many of our young people today were not taught manners. They were not taught to respect other people or their possessions. They weren't taught to say things like: thank you, excuse me, or I'm sorry.

It seems to me that a lot of the young people today have the outlook: "I, Me, My, and if I'm touching it then it's mine. Unless it's broke or somethings wrong with it, then it's yours. If I broke it, there was something wrong with it to begin with or I couldn't have broken it!"

I remember when I was growing up if I didn't show respect to others, especially my elders, I got my butt worn out. If I did something wrong towards someone, I was made to face them and apologize and do whatever it took to make it right. I was taught if I wanted respect, first I must give it.  I raised my children the same way. I only hope that they raise theirs that way, too.

With some people, it doesn't  matter how much respect you give them.  They continue to be rude and disrespectful.  That's when I begin to treat them similar to as they treat me, until I can get away from them. 

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As a teacher, I completely agree with you. I work in a private school so I am able to enforce stricter guidelines on basic human kindness and manners. I am constantly amazed at the students when they first walk into my classroom and have no manners. I worry about what our life will be like when these kids grow up. Manners are a dying all around us.

I believe in "spanking". On their butts, not with cords or hash straps. I'd use my hand, a flyswatter or a switch. I used a belt a few times. (I used a strap once on my son and it left bruises. I felt so guilty I cried for an hour and threw the strap away!) I always warned my kids of getting spankings before they got them. I would also warn them once if an unwanted behavior ocurred. The second time, they got it! They learned fast that I really did mean it, and I would not let them walk all over me. I have a daughter that tells her children repeatedly: "I'm going to spank you!" She not only sounds like a broken record, but the kids won't listen to her. At least until grandma steps in! I do believe in "Time Out", also. But again, if that doesn't work, the spanking usually does.<br />
Where I live, the schools will call you about your childs bad behavior and ask if you want them to "paddle" them. Usually though, it's over something pretty bad, or if it's something that the parents can't seem to resolve on their own. If the child is totally unruly and does not improve, they will kick them out of school. You see on these stupid Talk Shows: "My Child Is Uncontrollable". I'm sorry, but mom, that is your fault. I believe it all begins with a firm tap on the diaper and a very firm "NO!". Oh, those looks and pouts will break your heart, but in the longrun you'll be glad you did. <br />
Anyway, this is my own personal opinion. I am dead set against abuse of any kind. But there is a huge difference between abuse and discipline.<br />
Anybody want to get out of line? lol

the problem is, that as you said, many parents aren't teaching their children manners and respect (many parents these days don't seem to have any manners themselves) and therefore the children are bad mannered, and at school teachers have much less power and cannot deal with rude children anymore.

I agree 110%! And for those parents too consumed with other things going on in life Barney and Bear In The Big Blue House have special tapes just on learning manners! LOL