Highschool... Bleh

For those of you who are currently attending high school, like me, you know there are some horrific atrocities that go on. I'll admit that I'm not without flaw myself, but at the very least I make an effort.
I've seen kids argue with teachers over the most ridiculous things to try and talk their way out of homework, tardiness, or whatever it is that doesn't tickle their fancy at that particular moment.
Of course, half the time it's parents that are to blame. Anyone ever watch "My Super Sweet 16?" Those kids walk all over their parents, and the parents allow it!
I think today's youth certainly needs to learn some manners, but the parents of today's youth should have started instilling those manners from birth on...
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1 Response Aug 5, 2007

I completely agree. High school had me seeing just how bratty the average teenager really is. College was such an amazingly drastic change, even though there are still some people who are morons, there are a lot more kids who have learned respect. I only saw that "super sweet 16" show once and I wanted to slap the girl- better yet, I wanted to have her mom slap her. What a nightmare child! If my teenagers ever act like that to me (when I have them) I won't hesitate to dole out appropriate punishment.