To AI...

My future daughter, I love you. You're precious and thank you for letting me teach you about being a woman. Your dad and I love you with all that we are.

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Beautiful! Smiles

thats so beautiful :)

TRW~ The smallest amount of words, with the largest most tender meanings! She will be incredible, because you are special!<br />
<br />
((((hugs))))<br />
<br />

Thanks for sharing. I also loved my daughter from the first moment I knew she was there. She is 29 now and my best friend( along with my husband) I wish you the same with your daughter. :)

I've always longed for a sister or a daughter. All my life I've been surrounded by men. Brothers, friends, sons..... Since I wasn't blessed with either sister or daughter, I've had to look around for them, and hurray! I found them!<br />
I think you would be a wise and wonderful parent, RW.

I already love her, I have seen her in dreams. :) We shall go to many a concert together.

oh trw this is very beautiful!!