I Have a Southern Accent.

It does not mean I am an idiot.  Dumb people are everywhere, and I know that for sure.  I was once told by a New Yorker that they were surprised at my level of intelligence, being from the south and all.  Uh, okay, then they proceeded to say, "Yeah I couldn't live down there, miles from civilization, with nothing but farms."


Who sounds like an idiot there??  I live ten minutes from one of the biggest cities in the United States.  Learn about geography (especially your own country) then come talk to me!

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It happens all the time around here in my home state of Kentucky. They think we're a bunch of hillbillies and rednecks... and associate that stereotype along with our southern dialect. We're not uneducated because we speak more laid back and casual than others from the North. It's just that those people have met others to give them that idea. Everyone is not the same.

Yeah, that is how it was when I was in New York. I overheard my cousin's boyfriend calling me Spanky (the little rascals) one day. It hurt my feelings because I know for sure I was smarter than him.<br />
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I have a second cousin who is as dumb as a box of rocks, he is from NY (most of my family is), but he lives down here now, and on his myspace he was telling his new girlfriend "I'm not one of these dumb country boys, I am smart, I know what you're up to!" He is dumber than any person I know! In his version of that sentence, he misspelled things. He is 35, lives with his mother, doesn't work, has five children he doesn't care for...

I agree wholeheartedly. There's a guy I work with who treats me like I don't know anything because I have a southern accent. It's really frustrating, especially when he goes to the supervisor and demands to know why I make more money than he does, even though I've been working at this job for a much longer period of time than he has. <br />
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Ooh...Ignorant people grind my gears..

Hey, i never judged you on your accent, I just liked to pick on it! ;p

I've always liked accents different than my own. I use to live on the coast. I thought my ex' accent was wonderful. Well, I moved to the midwest and now I have an accent. Of course, I did before, just not to me. =) My step mom was from South Carolina. I can't tell you how much I loved her accent! She was a very intelligent woman. She was real naive, but that was because of her 'old old' fashioned southern upbringing.

Good story friend- you cannot judge someone by their accent!