You Have Been Since Childhood

 Sometimes I feel like I need a dose of insuline to lower the level of glucose because his sweetness makes me mad all the time. :)

Today I got his letter. The best ever... long one full of thoughts from his heart. I was reading it so many times and i know that I will read it again before going to sleep. 

It was so sweet...  I got something which became the treasure for me, he enclosed something personal, something that was only his and now I'm holding it in my hands, always reminding that it was in his hands. This treasure will be with me everytime, every day and at every place I will go. 

All the things I got today in the envelope makes me more connected to him. Everything was sweet, beautiful, I could feel his love everywhere, in the postard, in the letter....  everywhere I looked was written my and his name, like he wanted to connect our names together for infinity. That's another sweetness...  :) I love also all the mistakes he made in his writing, all the colourful pens he used to write. 

Before I got the letter he had told me he had been hugging it for couple of hours to let the love and scent of his body flow into the letter, that's why I kept hugging it for 2 hours at least... if not more. I was hugging it while sleeping, while watching movie..  I dont wanna go anywhere without it...  

My boy is so sweet... he is sweeet when he talks what happened during the day, in the night, how he felt, when he missed me...   

He is so sweet because he wanna give me all the love of this world, he wanna make me and see me only happy and smiling, because he says that my smile is the only source of his happness that's why he is a selfish person. Because he makes me smile only to make himself happy, ehehee...  I think it's sweeet :)    

oh, ok...  another mushy story...   but I couldnt help myself, I've been mushy since I got the letter... 

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3 Responses Mar 6, 2009

heheheheeheheh :D thanks *giggles*

:) sure we are! I'll pray but you have to work hard, too!

Aw, you two are going to be together, now get to work and pray the same for me and her! ;)