Zbigniew Brzezinski – Puppet Master Of Obama

If I would have understood the corporate connections of Bush and Cheney back in 2000, I would be a very rich man today. To prepare our investments for this upcoming Obama administration, we must locate the Karl Rove among others. Zbigniew Brzezinski is the puppet master of Obama. This is a fact. Brzezinski is an 80-year old man from Poland who despises Russia. He was behind the catastrophic Carter administration. Brzezinski has the ultimate plan of preventing China from gaining access to African oil. China must have access to African oil or else the Chinese economy will recess rapidly. Brzezinski figures this will force China to invade the oil rich fields of southeast Russia just above North Korea. If China were to militarily take these oil fields from Russia, the two would obviously war which is what Brzezinski seeks. That plan is perfect in his eyes as it will weaken those two super-powers thus enabling American imperialism to regain strength. The real problem with this plan is that the Russians and Chinese are well aware of it. They know what Brzezinski intends to do. Unfortunately, the end result will most likely back fire on the west and produce world war III. China, and Russia against the US, and Europe.

The ethnic cleansing in Georgia during the olympic opening ceremonies was a trademark Brzezinski move. It was designed to make the Russians look bad. The censored US media will lead you to believe that the Russians attacked Georgia when in fact the Georgian military attacked the Russian province of S. Ossetia which then, in turn, caused the Russian military to storm into Georgia to stop the civilian killing. 08/08/08 will be viewed as the first event of world war three in my opinion.

Not that I base my political opinion on the story of a 12 year old girl in S. Ossetia during the genocide, but it does add credibility when you witness how much Fox News censored the live interview. Below is the clip, and the juice is at the 1:40 mark:

you tube censored this video it was available until I linked it

When it comes to Barack, Obamaniacs view him as some sort of messiah and will go along with anything he says. Including a war with Russia. Biden already planted the seeds throughout the DNC with anti-Russia rhetoric.

My fear is that two years from now, we may look back at the rapacious Bush administration as the good ole’ days.
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Aug 13, 2010