It Is Special..

i remember when i learnt it from my grandpa..maybe that makes it more special..i was laughing with him but then it was serious.its a special dance and we should give our heart when we dance this.yeah mostly is men that dance it but u can see also women and even kids sometimes dancing it. this video shows the dance but there are also some more moves it doesn show,,

...when u dance zeibekiko ,u dance coz u feel it,u dance with heart..

amysangels amysangels
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no need to thank,hugs*

I have seen this dance, so beautiful, I wish I could dance, thanks for the great post

yeah but also heart i mean-dont dance only for fun,listen also to music n dance as if is only that moment the most depends the place u dance too..if u are at wedding heh u ll see ppl dance and laugh but if someone is sad and dance he/she gives all heart-careful though most times if they are drunk....its a bit of habit ...we dance drunk heh...=/<br />
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tsifteteli is good !