I Think

i think.  therefore, i am?
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6 Responses Jun 17, 2007

I am therefore I think. At least I think that I am thinking I am. I'm pretty sure I am not thinking that I am not, or am I thinking at all?

ahh *sigh of relief* the silly bird always has the best Rx ... buuuut ... if i stop thinking about it, will i cease to exist? no, not considering perception vs conscious thought but then again ... all i'll be left with is perception and well ... UGH! my perception of this is confused and thus even if i stop all conscious thought on this subject i will still be confusedi f only in my perception - and now i'm just rambling about something that started out as a silly poke ... *shrugs* lol thanks for playing, everyone!

Don't think about it! ;)

h3ll i dunno anymore ...

tis true ...

Doubtful. Perception preceeds conscious thought.