Even When I Sleep

Just once i would like to sleep and SLEEP without thinking....
caroli9 caroli9
41-45, F
5 Responses Jul 17, 2007

that was me once, sleep to stop thinking but then my too hard basket overflowed and disrupted my sleep time. I am however working on sleeping and just sleeping. But keep a note book and pen beside the bed.... and write down the thoughts that keep me awake and laugh about them the next day.

Sometimes I have too many things to think about and I don't know how to stop them and just sleep.

i suppose it would be good if you had a prob, so then you might have a solution when you wake up. if that ever happens to you...?

I had to change my Alarm Radio Station because i wasnt waking up when it went off... and instead of waking me up The Radio Morning crew invaded my dreams and i was discussing matters with them .. which frustrated me because THEY JUST DIDNT LISTEN !! I woke up a few times really stressed out. Stupid Radio Alarm ... making me think ... Sheesh

I love when I sleep and wake up for a second and my brain says to me " Oh great you are up! I have some things I have been meaning to go over with you and I see you have some time now". I am currently on a journey to kill the voice in my head. If all goes well I'll share :)