Thank You Ep!

Hi! :) I have something to say... yes I do. I have a thanks for experience project for all their help that they have not only giving me but giving so many people.

When I came on here, I was broken. I lived a life of hell and pain. Ep has become my escape, it has saved me from the pain of home. And I have found so many people that have went through similar things like I have. Without EP yes I would not be here, I have met very special people on here that have saved my life.

They have helped me get better, they listen to me and try their best to understand. Even when I go through major depression waves, the people of EP have still been here for me.
I asked some of my circle what they thought of EP and each comment was great!

DearLittleAngel- I love ep because, I can interact with people my own age from other parts of the world and I can post my feelings without someones criticism bothering me.

WinterFur- I love that you can join groups and how it makes everyones true self turn out.

Hitoribochi89- Ermm wellI guess, its reading peoples stories, Or getting into groups without giving a crappola and just posting wotcha like. Oh and when your really bored, the Question section, fun to see wot people ask, or answer back with xD - Without the EPers, theres no EP" sorta thing.

RedTearsFall- I love that on EP, it is easy to find others like you and connect with them. You can find people close to you or have friends all over the world.

Morphisto- I like the fun people I. Met here :o)

5thAprentice- I like the diversity, different perspectives, meeting new people, finding stories to relate to, etc.

So many of us are so grateful for EP! Without it many of us will have no hope. This is what I like the best about experience project. I like that here there is safety, that there is always someone to rely on. I like that on here you can be who you are. I like that I can help others and express myself through poetry.

So yes I have something to say, I want to say this, Thank you EP for everything :)

thisaccountisgone thisaccountisgone
18-21, F
Jan 22, 2013