How to Avoid Wrongs

“It is humanely to do wrongs,but is godlike to forgive” says a moldavian proverb.

God created us not so perfect how we want to be,during our life we make a lot of wrongs and mistakes,forgetting about law,about others and about Him.

If you want to be a respected member of you community you have to avoid doing wrongs,otherwise you risk to be isolated.

As adults,we represent benchmarks for our children-they regard us as exemples to follow,so by “doing good” ourselves we inspire them to do good and become respected members of their families and communities.

A little mistake can ruin our whole life,and open our eyes too,but unfortunately we can`t  premeditate when we will do wrongs or goods.

If we will talk about social dimension-how we can avoid doing so many wrongs for our country,like killing,stealing,murder and violence…

“Doing wrong” is punished by law and communities,while “doing right” is rewarded and praised.We live in a peace-seaking World,where aggressiveness,violence and “wrong” is despised by the majority.

People in our days,are so selfish,cruel and cold- hearted,they seem to carry just for their own sake-money,pleasures and masterdom, that`s why they forget about what is good and what is wrong .

Secondly,I want to highlight the equality between the wrong and sin.

Sin is defined as wrong doing and wrong doing is defined as “injury voluntarily inflicted contrary to law.” Therefore to sin you must do something that is against the law with the “intent,” that is willfully and knowingly breaking the law… on purpose

Jesus is quoted as saying from the cross “Father forgive them for they doesn`t know what they do.”

Even Adam and Eve,didn`t know how to avoid doing wrongs,how to pass off a mistake,they are the most eloquent example for us,and maybe our God wanted through their sin to show us-mortals,that everything in this life is relatively,and the smallest mistake,I mean the nescience how to avoid wrongs,can crash our lifes,all that we love and care about.

Although the external stimuli in out environment (that's our culture)does influence how we handle right and wrong it must ultimately come from within.We have to have our own internal moral compass to tell us what is right and wrong,this usually comes in the form of a 'inner voice'.That 'Inner  voice' can translate to shame and guilt once we have done something wrong.We have all made mistakes,those mistakes help us determine our values and we learn what it means to do wrong only when we have experience the guilt that comes from it.You can avoid wrong doing by learning from past mistakes.Also,when you put yourself in someone else's shoes and use your empathy you can determine to what extend and in what way your actions would affect them and therefore see whether or not it is a wrong thing to do.Generally speaking,if you harm someone in anyway,emotionally or physically,your internal 'moral compass' will tell you it's wrong because you wouldn't want to experience that pain.You avoid wrong doing by listening to yourself,evaluating your values,and using the human ability to emphasize with others.

To sum up,I can say that we can`t lock ourselves in the cellar,we can`t run from problems and fate,we just need to learn avoiding wrongs.

Thank you Konrad and AmayaEkio for help...

PhedoRuka PhedoRuka
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 9, 2009

i just wrote a blog called "chain effect" about how the choices that we make effect others and the experience that you shared seemed to relate to it in a way. the key to being a good person lies in developing a deep sense of compassion and looking at the bigger picture and how what we do relates to those in our community.