I Just Wanna Say Something

I was attended to my classmate's father funeral this evening. I feel so sad for her. She is just 21 years old but has to stand such a big lost in this cruel life.  I thought I would see her red eyes when we passed by her home. But she talked to us with smile as usual.She is a polite, happy and responsible person. But at that moment I can recognise her worry and sadness in her  behavior. She reminds me my oldest aunt as well as so many tears at nights when I heard the bad news from the hospital.

I wonder if a people who grew up without father and a person has a father who can just live with him for 21 years, who is better? Maybe that's I. When people have st and lost it, it will be more grievous

dotan dotan
26-30, F
Mar 12, 2010