My Husband Likes To Wear Sexy Women's Clothes

I married my high school sweetheart, who on the outside looks like any others mans man, but when we are alone he loves to wear the most sexy silky panties, nighties, stocking and dressed. Yes it came as a shock years after falling in love with him but he warmed me up to it slowly starting by telling me he wanted to wear some of my panties to now he has all his own clothing. He is my sole mate and best friend, he is everything I ever wanted him to be and more, I never would have guessed he had this secret but it is HIM and if I love him how can I not be accepting of it. It doesn't change the love he has for me or i him, he is just becoming more comfortable in his skin. Through the two of us exploring our sexuality I am also finding out that I am Bicurious and he has a fascination with ****, and I look forward to us fulfilling our fantasies together.
MisLuLu MisLuLu
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Lucky couple. My wife and I used to dress in satin for sex but now she lost interest in everything

It sounds like you have a great relationship. Good luck in your new adventures

You sound like a wonderful loving wife. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about your hubby.

I would love to help fulfill fantasies whether it is with **** or with Additional crossdressing

What a understanding woman you are!

You are a truly wonderful and generous wife to help your husband be what he desires. And I hope both of you get the opportunity to explore your Bi side.

It's always nice to hear from a woman who is so understanding and accepting. There are so many men out there who love wearing beautiful feminine clothes and getting intouch with their feminine side to escape masqulinity at times, but have to keep it hidden.
Your husband is a very lucky man.

Wonderful when Wife's accept men in lingerie and nightdresses.

Sweet story it's wonderful so see two people enjoying each others fantasies it makes a stronger bond for love

Wish you both the very best

Your experimentation may result in enjoying more of life.

Fabulous sweetie

I love you to babe I don't know what I would do without you

I love you more then anything in the world babe!

U are so lucky

What a wonderful story and tribute to you and your husbands relationship.

Sounds like a fun relationship is in store