sleeping with sister

          When I was only 18 years old I lied with my sister aged only 9 years. This is because we had no much rooms in our house. At that time I was

really horny reading pornographic books, at that very young age. When lying beside my sister I will get my penis erect. She will be sleeping only

wearing a commese, that is a dress that only reach her knees. It is sleeveless dress. Under that she wear a panties made of loin clothe. When she lie

on her side her back will be to my side. In darkness I will stick to her body and then my erect penis will be touching her buttocks. She will be in deep

sleep not knowing anything. There will no any extra flesh on her chest, besides the small nipples. I will squeeze it. I will lift the kammis and down the

panties. I keep pressing her small vgina which has no hair on it. I will caras the **** of it. Then I will squeeze her small buttock cheeks. At last I will

penetrate my erect penis in between her thighs touching her buttock cleavage. hugging her close I will move my waist and after some time discharge

my ***** over her thinghs or outside on the bed. I will sweep it with my dhothi and sleep. It continued for some years until a new room was allotted to

me in my house. This is a top secret which nobody in the world know, even my sister. Now she is the mother of two children, the girl child going to be


           Some times she will be lying facing me. Then I will kiss on her lips and suck it. I will hold her tight to my chest. Then my erect penis will
be touching her navel. I will sqeeze her small buttock. This time I had been removed her panties through her thinghs. Poor girl will not know all these which her brother was doing. I will carass her small vagina with my hand and finger it. Because she has not reached pubrty, my finger will not go further into her hole. One day when all of our house was in deep sleep and all lights put off, I took a torch and put on it and pointed it into her vagina. I was seeing the vagina of a girl for the first time. She was darkskined and her vagina was a little more dark. When I splitted the vagina lips I could see the petals of the vagina. It was two black small parts. The hole of the vagina was pink coloured. The innocent girl was in deep slumber at that time. She never knew that her naughty brother was doing a very bad thing. See her vagina lips my penis got more hard and erect. It was dancing through my dhothi. Then I put of the torch and lied beside her. This tme she was lying on her back. I parted her legs a littile and knelt over her without giving any weight on her body. I poked my penis through her thinghs touching her vagina. There was lubrication from my penis. So the glans of the penis slid smoothly through the thighs. It was a pleasurable occasion. I hit my waist as husbands do to wifes. After some strikes my ***** discharged on the bed. I moved her body to sides and wiped the fluid from the bedsheet with my dhothi. Poor girl didnot know anything. All the time I did this I had some guity consciousness, that is a truth. I will take pledge everytime that I will not repeat this. This was ****** and very ungly affair. But I couldnot resist my sexual urge. But later after two years when I was transferred to another room in my house, I could change this bad habit. Instead this I started to ********** often. ************ saved me from ******. 

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u should be reported to police..........u rapist!!!

What is wrong with the world today. How can you have an erection from you sister? Hows that possible, its even worse that she was young you dumb ***.

What do you mean you "lied with" her? If you only slept with her, you really did nothing wrong. If you are talking about sex, that is another story. I used to sleep with my mother whenever my dad was away from home.

got so hard now

lucky boy wish i had a sister like you

Hate to disagree with you, but man...she knew. No matter how sound she slept, when you explored her vagina as you described she had to have woken up. She probably didn't say anything or do anything out of fear that SHE would get in trouble. It would be interesting for you to talk to her about those days of sharing a bed together, just to see her how she reacts.

a crazy story, man!